Gigi-chan / 16 / Cute
Bleach changed my life. 
Dragonball healed my heart.
Death Note got my soul back.

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What do you mean emotional retardation, Uchiha?

I am still bored
Male Gigi-chan: After all this time?

"You must be Grell’s apprentice."
*Gigi is roflmao-ing*

Bruno the Cat just came to me through the roof idk how he did that but he is a cat so mhm

Its usually girls that fall for me on omegle XD

Selfie: Blue Gigi-chan Version 2

Bruno the Cat: Draw me like one of your French grills. You see that house behind me, I own it

I wanna go to Disneyland!
Male Gigi-chan: Don’t we all?

Sebby, can you please step on the Uchiha? She seems to be alright with that too.
“It will be my pleasure, Gigi-sama.” The Demon stepped on the Uchiha without a second thought.

I found the cat 2 mins after I posted that

Where is Sempai *cries*

The 12 year old kid is here again apparently because he wanted to see my cousin’s dog


I will make Sebby step on your soul